Low Impact & Reduced Impact Paintball

Reduced Impact Paintball

Reduced Impact Paintball was introduced so we could offer a less intense version of paintball. Standard paintball safety gear is always in use when using Reduced Impact Paintball Equipment. This game is super fun!

When hit with a Reduced Impact Paintball, the ball breaks open leaving a splat that indicates the player is out. Our paintball guns for reduced impact games, are adjusted so they don’t travel as fast causing the impact to be a lot less intense.

We run Reduced Impact Paintball Games for groups of 10 or more players only. Reservations can be made with a $50 security deposit. Games can be scheduled 7 days a week. A perfect outing north east of Concord NH.

Reduced Impact Paintball games are held by private reseration. Our 10 player party package cost is $45 per player and includes the following:

  • A 4 Hour long Event
  • Rental Masks
  • Rental Reduced Impact Paintball Guns
  • 500 paintballs per player
  • Extra paint is $65 for 2000 shots
  • A Referee during all Reduced Impact Paintball activities.
  • Additional players are $45 each

Super Low Impact 50 caliber Splatmaster

Now kids as young as 7 can enjoy paintball!

The ultimate party for your young ones.

Even your little ones can enjoy paintball with the Super Low Impact 50 caliber splatmaster parties. A private party is just $169 for up to 10 players, and bring more if you want! Just $16.90 each. Party price includes an hour of private play with a referee / host that will teach the kids how to use the guns, help them load, and lead their games making sure they have the time of their lives.

After an hour of non-stop play, relax and have your birthday cake or refreshments. This package includes everything you need. Unlimited ammo comes with it so there are no additional costs for your event.

Since we do Splatmaster parties as private events, reservations are mandatory, and we suggest you book in advance to get the time you want!