FAPQ - Frequently Asked Paintball Questions


Our most frequently asked questions!

Merrimack Valley Paintball’s regular season runs from April through November; however, winter season paintball is available by reservation and special events. We are open for Private Games 7 days a week, reservations required. We are open to walk on players on Saturday and Sundays from 9AM-4PM. The easiest way to check days and times, is to Check Availability with our online booking system.

When you make your booking, you will choose a starting time. Try not to be late! We don’t want you to miss any of your fun time!

We are a field paint only paintball facility.

*On the first Sunday of every month we feature a bring your own paint day for self equipped players (unless other wise listed under our event section). Paint will be inspected prior to use on BOYP days.

This all depends on the player and how often they play. Season pass holders (self equipped players) pay a one time $200 fee which covers entry and air for an entire season. The only thing they have to buy is paint, which can be as little as $20 for 500 paintballs up to $70 for professional grade paintballs. Players renting gear will spend between $35-$80 depending on how much paint they shoot.

You can see all the pricing on our Prices Page.

Yes, we are very focused on safety at MVP. Everyone gets a safety orientation at the beginning of the day, and thereafter our refs are always around to make sure that our safety rules are enforced. Our equipment is regularly maintained and safety signs and paintball proof netting are placed strategically throughout the facility to maximize their effectiveness.

Sometimes it does, and bruising can occur, so padding and/or extra layers of clothing are encouraged. We rent chest & back protection at the field. Protective gloves and neck protection are also available. Rugged types that enjoy a physical challenge and can handle being hit by a paintball will usually love the action and excitement of the game.

If you are a bit nervous, maybe start with our low or reduced impact paintball that has a less sting!

It is highly suggested. It secures your spot, rental gear, and lets you know that we are open! And it’s super easy to do! Just click our Book Now button on the top of the page.

Yes, we’re open rain or shine. We have a covered staging area available to give players a place to find shelter and keep their things dry. In the woods, the heavy tree canopy helps to keep the rain off.

Most woodsball games last around 20-30 minutes. Normally we run a game, switch sides, and run another. After a few games we return to the staging area to clean up, get air and ammo, and head back out for more action.


Wear comfortable dark colored clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Camouflage is optional. Dressing in layers is strongly suggested and during cold weather hooded sweatshirts are recommended. Hiking boots are best but sneakers are OK. Packing a change of clothes is a good idea as smiling players will always return dirty, sweaty and splattered with paint.

Yes, players must be 10 or older; however, we recommend being at least 12 years old to participate in open group paintball games. Our private low impact paintball product is usually the best choice for kids in the 10-12 year old age range.