OUTBREAK VOL. 4 (Limited Paint)

Umbrellas new location might have been remote, and secluded, but the people living in that area caught on very quickly when fiends and loved ones began to go missing. Despite all that has happaned Umbrella was still trying to create the ultimate bio-weapon. The Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), got pushed out of the laboratory, and all their transport vehicles, and even the bridge existing the facility got destroyed, by a group of farmers turned militia. During the initial assault on the lab, a scientist escaped, but not before being bitten by a rodent infected with the Alpha 1 virus.

The U.S.S. had their backs to the wall, and had no choice but to start using the contaminated samples available to them to weaken the militia forces. This would cause an OUTBREAK among the enemy forces, the U.S.S. thought it would make it easier to subdue the militia and regain control of the region. With the U.S.S. using Alpha 1 infected samples to infect the militia, and an infected scientist roaming the country side, it was only a matter of time, before both forces began fighting a common enemy. Militia, and U.S.S. forces retreated to an abandoned military installation where they planned to hold their ground for as long as they could. It didn't take long before becoming surrounded by the infected. Some fled thinking they would have a better chance alone, those who stayed suffered greatly..... FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT PRE-REGISTER FOR OUTBREAK VOL 4. (A MAGFED ONLY EVENT)