Field Update August 10th 2018

We have been working non-stop at developing our playing fields since our last blog. We have expanded to 6 playable fields, and are constantly making upgrades to them. We have a 7th field almost ready, but the constant rain has played a big role in it’s delay. We have also made some upgrades to our staging area.

Keep dry and cool under the big top.

Keep dry and cool under the big top.

Our new tent offers a dry and cool place for all our players. This helps keep your group comfortable, and out of the heat, or rain between games. Just feet from our air station and registration counter.

Check-in is easy, and no more crowding around little collapsible table.

Check-in is easy, and no more crowding around a little collapsible table.

We now have a smoother check-in process. Start at one end of the counter. Pay, move down, grab paint, and rental gear at the other end. No more waiting in a bunched up group surrounding a collapsible table. Once you grab your paint and gear, grab a spot under our giant staging tent.

New paintball from Social Paintball

New paintballs from Social Paintball

We are always looking for the most consistent performing, and most reliable paintball in the industry. After taking them on a sponsor for Shoot For A Cure, we now added Social Paintball brand paintballs to our paint catalog. Players of all types (magfed, tournament, pump, and recreational) all had positive things to say about this brand while they performed in both hot, and very humid weather, with no issues.

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We are always looking for ways to make playing our fields more enjoyable. We have added multiple vehicles and other objects to our fields. While also building areas of contention for our scenarios, like bridges, fuel depots, Mortar Pits, Farms, and Pill Boxes. So much has been done in such a short period of time (April 2018 – August 2018) we still have much to do, and well over 60 acres that still have not been touched.

If you haven’t visited us in more than 90 days, than you haven’t really played at MVP at all. Come play at MVP and become part of a community that truly embraces the sport to its fullest, and makes sure players play safe, play fair, and above all else, help us grow the sport we all love.