Is it your first time playing paintball? Need to know Info.

If you are reading this, chances are you have been invited to a party, company outing, or you and your friends are looking for something new and exciting to try. Don’t hesitate to share this blog with friends and family that are also considering playing paintball. We are faced with many questions from new players all the time, we want to address some of those questions here.




Paintball at MVP is played in a variety of ways. We have “Woodsball” paintball played in the woods. We have “Speedball” paintball played on a tournament style field with inflatable bunkers. Woodsball is more geared towards people that want to play while completing objectives. We call these style of games, scenarios. Think Call of Duty meets Halo meets paintball. Speedball is more predictable, structured, and fast paced. Two teams fight for a certain period of time with points being awarded. Our woods are ever changing, with our new 73 acres location, we are looking to build large structures, trenches, tunnels, towers and castles. If you can dream it, we can build it. The inflatable bunkers in the speedball field can also be moved around, so our courses here at MVP are always changing.




  • Long sleeve shirt and pants are recommended during most days. It can get pretty hot out here so breathable cloths are a must. We find that players have the most fun when they are comfortable.
  • Proper footing is important, preferably something that can grip. We suggest hiking boots/shoes, maybe ones that are a bit water resistant. Some would say cleats, but if you’re in the woods some of our structures have wooded floors, and cleats become very slippery.
  • Headband or something to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. You don’t want to completely cover your head since that can contribute to fogging inside your goggles. Completely covering your head only leaves the body heat to escape thru the mask, which increases fogging.
  • “SHOULD I WEAR A CUP?” Is a question we get often. Ultimately it is up to the player. Our refs might get hit in that location once or twice a season. Wear one at your own discretion.
  • Chest protectors are something we recommend over additional layers of clothing. They are padded, and allow for ultimate breathability. We have them available for rent




First things first, you want to fill out the liability waiver in advance HERE from our website. We have them onsite but this saves a great deal of time. You can also print one and bring it in. When you pull in and park, look for a green shipping container. There you will find the owner, or a referee willing to get you checked in. Once checked in you will receive all the gear you need to play. We accept all major credit cards, and we can also run a tab in the event you need more paint. We have a variety of rental packages to suit your groups needs.




After you have checked in and found a spot to bring your gear, a referee will conduct a safety briefing. This is the most important part and all players in your group should be in attendance and listening diligently. The referee will go over the safety rules, show you how to use your rental equipment. Afterwards if you are playing with the “Walk-Ons” you will cycle in with them, or wait for them to exit the field and then join in. If you are a private a group a referee will be assigned to you, and they will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.




Walk-on is the term used for players what show up and just want to play. These might be regular players, or a couple friends looking to try something new. Our regular players tend to be looked at as “pros” in the eyes of the rental player. This intimidation factor is something we are very aware of here at MVP. We pride ourselves on having the most honorable players a field could ask for. Our “regulars” will help you, fight for you, and they will even risk getting shot for you if it helps your team win. Ultimately our “regulars” want you to become a regular, and help grow the sport we all love.




Imagine staring up at a hill with a flag pole in the middle of a building. You are surrounded by your friends, and new teammates. You are discussing the best point of attack. You can feel your heart beating faster and faster as the referee is asking if both teams are ready. You know the enemy team is just on the other side of the hill, but the referee begins to count down. 3…. You feel your heat jump into your throat. 2….You find your footing and prepare to launch into a sprint. 1….  Everything goes silent, you can hear yourself breathing franticly, and you clutch your paintball gun as hard as possible….. GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!




A question as old as time (technically since the 80’s) The best answer I have heard is “It doesn’t feel good” Getting hit by a paintball has been compared to a bee sting, only a bee sting lasts much longer. Most of the time you’re feeling such an adrenaline rush you don’t even notice being hit. In the event you do, you’ll go from yelling “OUCH!” to smiles and laughing, and having the best time of your life. If you are really worried about the pain factor we have a low impact option that should take care of that.